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Tuesday, 4 June 2013




It is a very common scalp disorder which are experienced by large number of people. Dandruff is actually a condition in which a dead skin is released from the scalp. It appear as white or grayish patches on the scalp. It also cause redness and irritation on the scalp. It is also known as seborrheic dermatitis or seborrhea.
It lowers the self esteem of the person. When other notices dry white flakes on the shoulders, it is quite embarrassing. The people having this problem of dandruff often hesitates on wearing dark colored clothes because dandruff is more visible on dark color shirts.

Human skin is made of skin cells and these skin cells renew themselves time to time. When skin cells are renewed , they push the dead skin out of the scalp. sometimes these  skin cells renewed themselves at a faster rate than they  die which causes dandruff to appear on the scalp. It get worse in winters.

It appears not only in scalp but also in eyebrows, ears or nose.  


  • White dry flakes of skin on the scalp.

  • Oily looking flakes of dead skin on the scalp.

  • Itching and redness on the scalp.

  • Scaling and crusty scalp on babies.

  • Swelling on the scalp if person scratches it all the time.


There are many causes of hair dandruff and some of the common causes are:-

  • Malassezia is the major cause of hair dandruff. Malassezia is a fungus that increases the production of new skin cells in the scalp.

  • Use of chemical rich (hard) shampoos also cause dandruff on the scalp.

  • Eczema is the main reason of causing dandruff on the skin. It makes the skin dry , red and flaky.

  • It may also cause due to the use of hair dyes , hair sprays ,hair gels etc. Some people have sensitive skin and use of hair dyes may cause redness and itching on their scalp.

  • The chances of dandruff is more in those people who do not wash or clean their scalp regularly.

  •  Dry skin is also the reason of causing dandruff.

  • It may be due to emotional stress.

  • It is common in those who consumes more oily foods.

  • Weak immune system is also one of the cause of hair dandruff.

  • Due to deficiency of  vitamins , zinc.

  • Not combing or bushing the hair regularly  may cause dandruff.

  • High intake of sugar can be the reason of dandruff. High sugar diet is not good for health as it promotes the growth of yeast in the body



Due to lack in vitamin A,B,C. Vitamin A helps in maintaining and proper functioning of skin cells. Vitamin B helps in the growth of new skin cells. Its deficiency cause dryness. Vitamin c helps in strengthening the immune system. 


It also helps in maintaining the good immune system and in the proper growth of skin cells. Its deficiency causes itchness and flakes on the scalp.


One can easily get rid of the dandruff by adding the following food in our diet :- 


They are found in foods like fish, meat, beans, oysters, legumes, nuts, grains etc. This food helps in reducing the release of sebum on the scalp which nourishes the fungus that causes dandruff.


It contains allicin with anti-fungal characteristics which helps in reducing the dandruff.

                     HOME REMEDIES 

1):- Massage your scalp with olive oil. Then dip a towel in hot water and crush it with hands to release extra water. Now wrap this warm towel on your head and leave it for 10 minutes. Repeat it 2-3 times.

2):- Soak fenugreek seeds in a bowl of water overnight. Next day grind these seeds and apply it on your scalp. Leave it for 1 hour and after that wash off your hair with water.

3):- Mix 2sp mustard oil and 1 lemon juice in a bowl of curd. Now apply this mixture on your hair and leave it for 1 hour. After that wash your hair with mild shampoo.

4):- Take 3sp of vinegar and mix it with 2sp of lemon juice. Now massage your hair with this and leave it for 20 minutes. Then wash your hair with mild shampoo.

5):- Soak 1 handful of neem leaves in water overnight. Grind these leaves and mix 1sp of lemon juice in it. Apply this paste on your scalp for 25-30 minutes and wash your hair.

6):- Use aloevera gel on the scalp. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash your hair. It helps in removing the dandruff.

7):- Take amla powder and reetha powder in a bowl and mix 1sp of lemon juice in it. Now add little water to make a paste of it. Apply it on your scalp and leave it for 2-3 hours.

8):- Boil tea leaves in water and take out its water in a bowl. Cool this water for few minutes and then use this water on your scalp. After that re wash your hair with water.


  • Use only mild shampoos or anti dandruff zinc based shampoos for washing your hair.

  • Avoid hair sprays, gels and dyes. Use heena  for coloring instead of dyes.

  • Avoid stress. Try to live happily.

  • Take a balanced vitamin rich diet.

  • Do not scratch your scalp and try to keep it clean.


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